One benefit of spending time in Spain and Portugal is that I get a lot more exercise than I do in San Diego. And, what’s surprised me is that I enjoy doing it.
Oh, I know, I could walk around my block in Rancho San Pasqual and get in just as many steps as I do in Europe. Unlike Mary, who is religious about her long morning walks in our neighborhood, walking around my block is not my idea of a good time, so my exercise regimen at home is not so good.
On the other hand, exploring the winding streets of places like Alicante is a joy for us. It’s been cool and rainy here, and if we’re not exploring, we’re on a mission, whether it’s going to the market or to our favorite seaside cafe. And along the way, we delight in people watching and window shopping the many fascinating shops we pass.
We walk almost everywhere. Only when we have to get to somewhere distant do we use ride-sharing or public transportation. The public transportation system in Alicante is outstanding, with trains, trams, and buses that are frequent, timely, clean, and safe. They’re also inexpensive.
Our first day here provides a good example. We walked to the post office to pick up a sim card I had mailed to our apartment. The route took us through the old town restaurant district jammed with table-filled plazas. Instead of heading directly back, we took the seaside route down the famous Alicante Esplanade decorated with millions of stone tiles.
We walked across the street to see if our favorite beachside cafe was open during the winter. It was not only open but filled. And the beach was scattered with sun lovers… during the first week of March. From there it was a short walk to our apartment. And bam, we had walked three enjoyable miles.
We do that every day here, exploring, going on shopping missions, or cruising to the beach. It’s why we can eat and drink here without too much concern for calories. We always weigh less when we arrive home after a long stay in Europe. Unless, of course, there’s a cruise at the end of it. But that’s another story.