There’s no grass growing under our feet — It’s time for our Ireland to Istanbul adventure, spanning 36 cities in almost four months. On Friday, Mary and I fly to Fort Lauderdale to board the Celebrity Apex transatlantic to Rotterdam with port stops in Bermuda, Ireland, England, France, and Belgium. We visit Leiden, the home of the Mayflower Pilgrims before the crossing, where I’ll explore the old haunts of my ancestors.
Other trip highlights are a week in Paris, two weeks in foodie-heaven, San Sebastian, Spain, and five weeks in our favorite Spanish beach towns, Altea and Alicante. Azamara’s newest ship, Onward, transports us to Turkey on back-to-back cruises from Barcelona to Istanbul. Before flying home we’ll l do a side trip to exotic Cappadocia, Turkey. See the Google Maps link for the full itinerary.
Of course, we’ll be posting our adventures on Facebook until we return in mid-August. It should be a fun ride.



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