My boat is bigger than your boat! Just pulled in Monaco, the second smallest country in the world. (Name the smallest.) We’re enjoying breakfast at our favorite table, this time with a magnificent view of the city, and one of the largest yachts we’ve ever seen.
The Katara is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former Emir of Qatar, who bought it for $400 million more than a decade ago. She is a whopping 124 meters long (408 ft) and 19 meters (62.5 ft) wide, making her one of the largest super yachts in the world.
For comparison, our super yacht, the Azamara Onward, is 592 feet long. It holds 700 passengers and 500 crew. The Katana? About 3 dozen guests and crew.
The rich are different…very, very different.