Ron & Mary James in China

This issue will mark the first full year of publication of Wine Dine & Travel Magazine. Little did we imagine when we decided to venture into travel publishing that we would come so far so quickly. The overwhelming response from our readers and our contributors all confirmed that we were moving in the right direction. Their accolades have been justified as The Society of Professional Journalist announced an unprecedented eight major awards in the print magazine category, including Best Food Story, Best Magazine Design, Best Photography and Best Feature Design. Wow, that about covers the bases of what a good magazine can do.

It’s a tough act to follow, but we think you’ll agree that this issue meets the mark in all of those categories. This month we focused on Canada and Mexico with stories that show that you don’t have to travel to Asia or Europe to have a great adventure. Our trip to Quebec City and our leaf peep cruise opened our eyes to exciting destinations that were right under our noses. And Mexico, despite its lawless reputation still can be a safe and enchanting place to recharge the batteries.

Over the last year we have pointed out the outstanding work of our writers and how a quality magazine attracts quality talent. Joining our line-up of world-class writers are our old friends, Jody Jaffe and John Muncie. Both are veteran authors and travel writers, whose work has been published in the major newspapers on both coasts. We are honored to have then as part of our family. We are also happy to welcome Marine Room Chef Ron Oliver who loves travel almost as much as he does cooking and offers us a delightful look at his trip to Ireland.

We hope you enjoy our eclectic offerings as our magazine explores the world in a way few publications do nowadays – full-length stories reflecting our professional travel writers’ thoughts and feelings. It’s nice to be recognized for our hard work this last year, but it’s even more gratifying to be working with great writers and receiving accolades from you the reader.

We wish you safe and memorable travels.