Last year, Mary and I visited an Alicante museum dedicated to the weeklong celebration of Sant Joan during the summer solstice. It’s a big deal in this region of Spain. Locals spend a year creating amazing, gigantic sculptures of fantasy scenes. Then, they burn most of them. The smoke is said to drive away evil spirits.

We wondered if we would ever get a chance to join in the festivities that rock this seaside city into the wee hours of the morning. We didn’t plan it, but we happened to be a few miles away for this year’s celebration. So we managed to find a hotel room and braved a train packed like sardines to get to Alicante earlier today.

After a quick look around, we paused for a very Spanish lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, La Crispeta, which happened to be right next to one of the amazing works of art due for incineration around 1 a.m. Right now, we’re resting up to join the throngs for fireworks and fires after sundown.