Tomorrow we’re off on a three-plus month adventure that will take us from San Diego to Spain, Miami to Montreal, and to New England. We’ll be staying two nights in Madrid to get over jet lag, then bullet train to Alicante, where we’ll spend a month and a half. Then back to Madrid for another month. Alicante and Madrid will be our home base while we continue our exploration of this exciting country. There’s usually a cruise portion of our trips, and this one is going to be terrific.
Then we fly to Miami where we’ll board Regent’s Seven Sea Navigator that will take up the North got American coast to the Saint Lawrence Seaway to Quebec and Montreal. We’ll spend a few days visiting Montreal and then head to New England in search of my colonial roots.

We’ll do an overnight in Salem where I pay respects to my 10th Great Grand Mother Mary Towne, and Rebecca Towne, my 11th Great Aunt, who were hung during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. They also jailed Sarah Towne my11th Great Aunt was for being a witch, but she managed to get a reprieve.

Plymouth and Cape Cod will be our last stops for three days of exploring Mayflower colony territory. For the last three years, I’ve been researching our family lines gathering birth, marriage, and death certificates from my family to prove my family line to Mayflower survivor Edward Fuller. I’ve worked with the California Historian for the Mayflower Society, who has accepted my documents and application to the Mayflower Society. More about that in future posts.
It should be a fun and fascinating trip.

Feb 27 Madrid, Spain
March 1 Alicante, Spain
April 13 Madrid, Spain
May 10 Miami
May Regent Seven Seas Navigator 14 Day Miami to Montreal Cruise
Port Calls
Port Canaveral
St. George
Corner Brook
Québec City
Mary 28 Montreal, Canada
May 30 Salem, Mass
May 31 Plymouth, Cape Cod
June 2 Boston to San Diego