We like to say that in these times, getting there is the hardest part of travel. After a backbreaking 22-hour trip to Lisbon, our experience here so far is proving the exception. We thought the hard part was behind us as our driver stopped outside our just restored apartment building in the heart of the city. Our plan was to crash for a few hours in our sixth-floor apartment and then begin exploring the neighborhood. After our recent fiasco in Spain with a 5th-floor penthouse sans elevator, Ron triple checked to make sure our Lisbon flat was accessible by lift. But, in travel, as in life, somethings are beyond our control. The elevator, the doorman sheepishly told us, was out of order. They would fix it tomorrow. Meanwhile, we had to climb 140 steps to settle in and another painful 140 after shopping for kitchen supplies and having a nice Portuguese meal. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. Stay tuned.