Another rather dull day in isolation. I learned this morning that they would test me tomorrow and the next day for COVID. That’s good news, but it also creates a little anxiety. A negative result would free me to join Mary in our balcony suite on deck seven.

A positive would mean more days in quarantine. On the CDC website, I learned that an asymptomatic individual, as I have been, could conceivably carry the virus for up to three months and test positively. But after five days, I would not be an infectious risk to others.

More days away from Mary, our cruise buddies and all the joy of being on a cruise are hard to contemplate. As cushy as my splendid isolation is, being trapped in a room by yourself would bum even the most Pollyannaish person. I’m a full-on optimist but still concerned. Keep your fingers crossed.
The good news is that my vitals were normal with another 98 oxygen reading. And Mary again tested negative along with our friends on board, who are being tested as contacts. A negative reading tomorrow frees Mary from quarantine and testing for the duration of this 16-day adventure.

We pulled out of Hamilton Bermuda early this morning for a short cruise to nearby Saint George. This time my window faced the bay, so I couldn’t see my fellow passenger’s board buses for shore excursions. Mary and I were scheduled for an E-Bike ride through a nature preserve. I think Mary would have really enjoyed the experience. It was a short day in port and we’re now sailing toward our first stop in Canada after a day at sea.

I couldn’t focus on investigating my ancestors today, so I just did a lot of housekeeping on my family tree which now has over five thousand grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. Mary has moved on to her third book.
The outstanding crew and medical staff have helped me put the best face on this challenging experience. Today two friendly technicians fully dressed in hazmat suits brought phones for the bed stands–it’ll make it much nicer chatting with Mary.
It’s almost happy hour in room 525. I’m sure my mood will lighten after a large glass of wine. Cheers my friends and send good thoughts.

Below: Technicians install a new phone in my room.