I’m really not sure if this is day two or not. For me, it’s day three, but the ship’s doctor considers yesterday the first full day toward my required five days in isolation when they will test me again for Covid. I’m feeling fine and my temperature and oxygen levels, checked three times a day, are normal. The ship’s medical and housekeeping staff have been caring and professional, going out of their way to keep us comfortable. What’s not normal is sitting in a room alone for days, even if it has designer shampoos and room service that includes wine and deluxe mixed nuts.

We just docked next to the main street in Hamilton, Bermuda. From my gilded cage (suite), I just watched my friends Richard and Gregg walk by on their way to the bus for their first island shore excursion. If they had looked up they would have seen me looking out my large porthole window. But they didn’t, since other passengers don’t know where the COVID positives are housed.

I chat with Mary frequently; it keeps us both grounded and sane. Happily, Mary’s daily Covid test was negative – a good sign that she likely has dodged the bullet. She’s feeling good, but the stress of all of this, I’m sure, has taken its toll.

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching my family genealogy. I’m working on a line that goes back to the first Lee family in Virginia. I’d amplify, but it would bore you tears. Mary’s eyes glaze over whenever I remark on one of my ancestral discoveries. But one of these days I will share my Mayflower line. Fair warning.

In the evening, I distract myself with first-run movies, including Dune and Matrix. I was very happy they finally made a movie worthy of Frank Herbert’s great novel, and I was also thrilled that they made a Matrix movie that I understood. I started Ghostbusters but just couldn’t get into it… they should have quit after the original.

The ship’s food is excellent. I try to avoid over-ordering – no emotional eating. So I limit myself to one entrée and one starter at a time. Sometimes I ask for two desserts just in case one’s not up to snuff. I’ll post a few shots. I’ve also been enjoying wine with my meals. I even asked and received an excellent martini, which goes along with the ship’s delicious mixed nuts for my own one-man happy hour.

I know there are other “guests” in our isolation block, but I considered organizing a hallway happy hour. But I reconsidered – don’t want to lose our adult beverage privileges.

Speaking of happy hour, it’s almost dinnertime. I’m ordering the chef’s special, starting with a mushroom tart and prime rib or Coq au Vin for mains. And banana & macadamia nut pudding with rum raisin ice cream for a happy ending..
Oh, and thanks for all the lovely comments and wishes. It means a lot.

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